Symmetry: a Useful Illusion

SYMMETRY is an illusion. Our left may look like a mirror image of our right side, but symmetry is neither possible nor desirable in the human form. Organs are mostly one-sided, save a few double organs like kidneys or gonads. One side of the body almost always dominates, building muscle and bone unevenly. Add to this certain conditions or experiences such as scoliosis, injury, trauma, or medical treatments and all semblance of symmetry can fly out the window.

In this workshop we share a number of techniques to bring balance, harmony and efficiency into an essentially asymmetrical system. Using the powerful tools of asana, plus some borrowed tools from Schroth, Pilates, and other other systems, we take a three-phase approach to balancing out:

  1. Understand the nature of our own individual asymmetries.With the help of a partner we map our own asymmetries using measurement tools like sticky paper and string. We build an internal map of how our body tends to settle when we’re not thinking about it.
  2. Find our “Keystone positions”, that involve subtle instructions like “move your ribcage slightly to the right” to help our muscles counteract our asymmetries.
  3. Work these instructions into both symmetrical and asymmetrical Asana practice.

We finish the workshop with a full-on yoga practice to implement the discoveries we made during the course of the workshop.

This workshop lasts two hours and costs $25 per person to participate. 

Date: Saturday, May 11

Time of day: 1:45-3:45 pm      

Location: Be in Union Yoga Studio, 440 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA  02143

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